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Jane Ebbern, President, Board of Trustees, Calgary Unitarians

“Calgary Unitarians is too small an organization to have HR personnel on staff. We therefore have found using Salopek Associates on an hourly basis an excellent, affordable way to access professional HR expertise. Salopek Associates helped us draft employment contracts, consider contractor versus employee, plan fair severance, and write termination letters and releases. And due to their guidance, we could be confident that we were acting in accordance with Alberta Employment Standards.”

Mary Ellen Neilson, Executive Director- ARBI

We couldn’t be more delighted with the support provided by Janet Salopek and team. Their assistance with updating our HR policies has proven invaluable, and we now budget for this as a regular practice every few years, to proactively ensure that we remain up to date in this critical area.

Christophe Nerguarian, CFO – International Petroleum Corporation

Salopek was great in helping us transition over 100 employees from a large E&P company into a smaller brand new company, in less than 3 months.

Salopek’s understanding of the HR function spans from the payroll system to the more strategic compensation package and benefit plans to be offered to employees, under the necessary requirements of employment law.

Geoff Southwood C.A., Past President & CEO – United Farmers of Alberta Co-operative Ltd.

Janet Salopek of Salopek & Associates is a first rate Human Resource Executive. She is one of the best I have worked with in my career on the executive teams of four major publicly traded corporations and cooperatives. Janet’s insight into human behavior and interaction provides real value in molding high performance teams. Her focus on ethical and responsible behavior while driving for results and accountability in all aspects of the business was a key component in our company’s evolving success. Janet can be depended upon to lever her exceptional EQ to proactively pursue the demanding questions required for groups of directors and senior managers to excel in their roles.

P.M. (Marty) Dahl, President – Sound-Rite Acoustics Inc.

Sound-Rite Acoustics Inc. has been using the services of Salopek & Associates Ltd. for four years. Prior to partnering with them, I often felt uncertain as to whether we were current regarding many of our Human Resource programs. It seemed like we were always reacting to circumstances rather than having a long term plan. Salopek & Associates has assisted us with the development of: a policy and procedure manual, Human Resource programs that support corporate culture and needs of staff, performance review processes, and on-going strategizing, coaching, mentoring and succession planning. In addition, Salopek & Associates has facilitated meetings of staff and owners to establish vision, mission, core values and employee value proposition statements. They also facilitated a Corporate Strategic Planning session for the owners.

We are extremely pleased with the professional and timely approach to all projects Salopek & Associates has undertaken. As a small company, I know we are at a level now that we never could have achieved without the assistance of Salopek & Associates.

Laurie Maslak, CHRP, Past President – Human Resources Association of Calgary

Janet of Salopek & Associates is a superb example of a business professional. Numerous years “in the trenches” and in executive positions have equipped her with the necessary skills and acumen to achieve organizational goals and objectives. A strong communicator, focused on developing sustainable and strong relationships, Janet would be a great asset to any organization as a consultant in the areas of strategic planning, organizational development , board governance, Human Resource practices and leadership development.

Jay Park, Past President – SIX Real Estate

SIX Real Estate had the pleasure of working with Janet Salopek and Salopek & Associates over a three year period. During this time Janet and her team were instrumental in assisting our company as we aligned strategic growth with all aspects of Human Resources. She provided sound direction and advice on corporate culture, policy, employment contracts, compensation, job descriptions and team morale. Janet brings a wealth of expertise that goes beyond that of a Human Resource specialist; she is strategic, forward thinking and systematic. I would recommend Janet and her team at Salopek & Associates to any company that is growing, in transition, downsizing or looking to align employer and employee goals and objectives.

Cheryl Doherty, CEO – Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary

With regard to performance management, I am so pleased with the work that has been completed to date and the progress that we have made as an Agency. The very best part has been the growth of our staff and the new learning that has come their way with respect to good Human Resource practices and new thinking about Human Resource and Performance Management. The fact that the staff are engaged and committed to becoming better Coordinators, Managers and Senior Managers and entering into ‘good conversations’ with their employees throughout the year is a bonus! Thank you for all your hard work and your great ability to drive to outcomes. I hope we get to work with you in the future.

Holly Charles, Director of Operations – Catholic Family Service

Janet Salopek of Salopek & Associates was very professional and respectful of our agency and the staff with whom she was working. She brought structure to our process thinking; she shared her knowledge well, and would seek consultation herself when challenging issues were brought forth. Janet was very efficient, a great communicator and so personable. We learned from each other.

See how our clients are rating us!

The President of a non-profit client in Ottawa recently rated a Senior Consultant on the Salopek Team a 10/10 on the service and support provided, which included a report which was well received and met the needs of their Board of Directors

Software Client rates Salopek 10/10 for support with Policy Manual: Consultant did a good job responding to the specific needs of our company, getting a feeling for the culture and creating an end document that was responsive to both – checking in along the way to ensure we were on the same page. Consultant was responsive when I reached out with a question or inquiry and also proactive ensuring we stuck to specific deliverables along the way so we could reach our original completion target date. Consultant had a very professional, non intrusive yet efficient way of ensuring our back and forth was meeting the ultimate end goal. She was open and honest – which fits extremely well with our culture here. I also appreciated her knowledge (subject matter knowledge) which instilled confidence and created an ease of process.

Tourism Client rates Salopek 10/10 on Workshop: Consultant collaborated very well with us on this project. We had lots of good conversations on what we were looking to achieve in this teambuilding event. We clicked on every conversation we had, and we had great fun in exchanging ideas and seem to be on the same page for everything.

Construction Client rates Salopek 10/10 on Strategy Session: Salopek knew our organization, our culture and the participant’s involved. We initially attempted to attack this project internally and after 2 hours realized we didn’t know where to start. Now after a few hours, with Salopek’s help, we have set objectives, tasks outlined and timelines and members of the team are still talking to one another! “

Student’s Association rates Salopek 10/10 on Policy Work: Salopek was very cognizant of the uniqueness of our organization and interested in learning more about our culture. I appreciated Consultant was professional, clear and did a great job of keeping us on track. Consultant was very knowledgeable and up to speed on the recent changes at Employment Standards (and double checked any information she wasn’t totally sure about). At the end of each conversation she reiterated what we both agreed to have prepared by our next meeting, and confirmed our next meeting within minutes.