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Salopek & Associates’ HR Policy E-Store offers a comprehensive library of customizable Policies, Forms, Manuals and Guides that are easily accessible and available to support your organization’s people, processes and growth. Our products can be downloaded within minutes, with no membership or annual fee, and are updated on a quarterly basis by our CPHR certified Consultants to ensure compliance with employment standards and HR best practices. Each of our products includes consulting support to ensure that the product you purchase is properly customized to meet your needs and effectively implemented within your organizations to maximize value. Within 24 Hours of purchase you will be contacted by one of our HR Consultants, not a marketing or sales person, to provide support in customizing the product for your organization and ensure it is implemented to meet your people needs.

Alliance Partners:

Salopek & Associates partners with several organizations to offer their clients, members, and employees value added services to handle all their HR needs. When you become a Salopek Alliance Partner, your clients, members, and/or employees will receive discounted rates on consulting services, E-store purchases, and access to a dedicated team of HR professionals who are available to support 24/7.  Each of our Alliance Partnerships are customized to meet the unique needs and wants of each organization. If you are interested in becoming an Alliance Partner, please contact us to set up a time to discuss your organization’s HR and business goals and customize a partnership agreement that adds value for your clients, members and/or employees. Below are a few of our Alliance Partners.

  • Fairfield Watson
  • Acera Benefits
  • Calgary Chamber of Commerce
  • Work Nicer

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