Board Governance

Creating value for the shareholder/stakeholder is why organizations exist. Building a strong foundation of effective board governance enables the Board of Directors to focus on stewardship while management focus on operating the business.

You may sit on a board or you may be in the process of forming a new board. Are you unsure of the processes you need to implement to ensure that your board is effective and practicing good due diligence? Are your board meetings not running as smoothly and efficiently as you would like? Are you losing Board Members and/or not accomplishing the work that needs to be done at meetings? Or perhaps meetings are running long and Board Members are getting frustrated. Salopek & Associates can help you to put good processes in place to ensure that your board stays focused and able to provide the necessary stewardship for the organization.

Salopek & Associates offers the following Board Governance consulting services:

  • Best practices with respect to board governance
  • Board evaluations
  • CEO or Executive Director evaluations
  • Succession planning
  • Develop board manuals for on-boarding new members
  • Recruit new Board Members
  • Establish committees and terms of references that ensure committees stay on track
  • Setting agendas that keep you focused and on task

Janet Salopek has been active on the following Boards:

  • Tourism Calgary – Chair of the Governance & HR Committee
  • YouthLink – Calgary Police Service Interpretive Centre – Chair of Governance Committee
  • Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association: CIWA – Chair of Governance Committee
  • Human Resource Association of Calgary


Janet Salopek is a true professional. She has tremendous expertise and knowledge, particularly in the areas of governance and strategic planning. Janet is thorough, dependable, punctual, and ethical. She is an articulate and accomplished communicator and a skilled facilitator. Janet immediately grasps the essential aspects of a project and is able to think through their multidimensional aspects quickly and with great clarity. Janet is a visionary and her input has allowed the Board to make sound strategic decisions in the interest of achieving organizational long-term goals. As is abundantly obvious, I am a fan of Janet Salopek’s work, but it is not without ample reason. I have had the opportunity to observe her closely in different settings and I am impressed.

Zemeta Chefeke, Past President and Chair of Calgary – Immigrant Women’s Association

Getting Started: Contact Salopek & Associates today to arrange an audit of your current Board processes. Let us put a plan in place to increase the efficiency of your Board.