Strategic Planning

Establishing and clearly communicating your strategic goals and objectives enables employees to understand your business and the impact their job has on the success of your organization.

Do you need help with your business planning? You may or may not have mission, vision and value statements. If you have them, they may not be understood and you may wonder what “good” they do your organization. You may be struggling with getting your managers aligned and working effectively together. There may be competing goals and objectives and most likely delegation and getting top performance from your people are ongoing concerns.

Salopek & Associates offers the following Strategic Planning consulting services:

  • Develop mission, vision and values statements that are communicated and “lived” to ensure the business grows consistent with the strategy
  • Facilitate business meetings that ensure goals and objectives are developed and action plans are generated and executed
  • Develop measures of success for the business plan and set measurable business targets
  • Facilitate business planning sessions and support in business plan development
  • Conduct SWOT analysis – assess organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Gap analysis – leverage strengths and opportunities; manage weaknesses and threats
  • Establish employee value propositions – that which sets you apart from your competition and allows you to attract and retain the best employees
  • Facilitate team building sessions – develop effective team dynamics so that groups of people understand how to work effectively together to get great results
  • Build management teams that are accountable and effective and that get the results needed to grow the business


Janet Salopek of Salopek & Associates is a first rate Human Resource Executive. She is one of the best I have worked with in my career on the executive teams of four major publicly traded corporations and cooperatives. Janet’s insight into human behavior and interaction provides real value in molding high performance teams. Her focus on ethical and responsible behavior while driving for results and accountability in all aspects of the business was a key component in our company’s evolving success. Janet can be depended upon to lever her exceptional EQ to proactively pursue the demanding questions required for groups of directors and senior managers to excel in their roles.

Geoff Southwood C.A., Past President & CEO – United Farmers of Alberta Co-operative Ltd.

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