Human Resources

The right people are the pillars of your organization and sustainability depends on an engaged workforce. Human Resources consulting firm is a key component to your company’s success, and if positioned as an essential element of your strategic plan, can become a competitive advantage that is unique to your organization, reduces financial risk, and establishes you as an employer of choice.

Human Resources is much more than hiring and firing; it is your organization’s ability to maximize your most important resource – your people – and establish a corporate culture that stands out and promotes productivity, engagement and sustainable growth. Salopek & Associates partners with organizations to establish and implement HR strategies that effectively attract, retain and develop your people.

Salopek & Associates Human Resources Services Include:

Recruitment & Retention

Recruitment & Retention

  • Recruiting-by-the-Hour
  • Recruitment Process Guide
  • Orientation & On-Boarding
  • Team Building
  • Compensation & Benefits
Performance Management

Performance Management

  • Performance Review Process
  • Training & Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Corrective Action
  • Terminations
Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

  • HR Manual
  • Policies
  • Termination Letters
  • Recruitment Templates
  • Health & Safety
Employee Relations & Employment Legislation

Employee Relations & Employment Legislation

  • HR Specialist On-Call
  • Workplace Diversity
  • Employment Standards
  • Privacy
  • Human Rights