Performance Management

Performance Management is a process, not an annual meeting. In order to engage employees in their development, managers must provide proactive and timely feedback that offers the opportunity for a two-way conversation. Define success by identifying performance objectives and asking employees what success looks like for them.

Performance Review Process

All employees need to understand what is expected of them and be given the opportunity to excel. The Performance Review Process is the method by which managers and employees collaboratively determine goals and measures, take action to accomplish these goals, leverage strengths, identify opportunities for improvement, and engage in constructive dialogue throughout the year. Through the ongoing development of employees, you will be able to understand new challenges, create new responses, and perform at higher levels for increased personal, team and organizational success.

Salopek & Associates partners with your organization and management team to develop a Performance Review Process that encourages employee engagement, allows for consistent feedback and sets measurable goals. To support both managers and employees in achieving professional growth objectives, Salopek & Associates offers a wide range of Training & Development workshops and sessions that can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization and employees. Promoting a continuous learning culture will support employee development and enhance your organization’s employee value proposition.

Corrective Action & Terminations

Managing poor performance is the least favorite part of the job for most managers. Establishing a Progressive Discipline Process that is proactive will enable your managers to successfully turn performance issues into development opportunities. Salopek & Associates works with your management team to establish a Progressive Discipline Process that promotes timely performance feedback and enables managers to address issues as they occur with positivity and encouragement, while emphasizing the importance of documentation to mitigate your company’s risk. Understanding that performance conversations can be tough, Salopek & Associates is also available to facilitate progressive discipline training with your management team or be on site to support with challenging terminations, investigations or mediations.